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[Sep. 20th, 2004|03:20 pm]
The Kookie Klub



Name: Erin
Age: 15
Location: Portland/Camas
How you heard about this community: I was bored and made it
Describe your personality(not very long please): I'm just me...I basically do what I think is right.
Describe your style: Whatever I like...Wigger, Punk, Prep, White trash...everything.
Family: uhm...dad, mom, half-bro, step-sis, sis-in-law

Top 3...
Movies: The 3:00 O'clock High, Mod Squad, Donnie Darko
Bands: too many...but I guess The Used, Blink 182, and uhmmm....The Dresden Dolls??
Songs: "Angel of Mine" by Monica..."Cotten Eyed Joe" by ??...and "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard
Colors: neon green, neon orange, magenta
Childrens TV Show: "Sitting Ducks"..."Bobby's World" and "Braceface"

Name 3 people who you'd like to trade lives with for a day: Ron Jeremy, Andy Dick, and Madonna
Why would you like to trade lives with them?: Ron Jeremy cuz he is fat, and hairy, and has been in more porns than anyone else, Andy Dick cuz he's a dickhead and has bitches, and Madonna cuz she is hella famous and has anything but is old
Tell us one thing about your childhood: I almost died a few times
Do you own one of those purses that have the initals on it?: No I do not
Are you a criminal?: not exactly.
Are you a gangsta?: fo' sure.

What are your views on...

War: We should all just mind our own business and chill.
Gay Marriage: It shoudl soooo fucking be allowed, That topic pisses me off...what if ONLY gay people were allowed to get married, straights would want to have equal rights.
Election: The country would go to SHIAT w/o someone running it, but it should be more based on what the country wants...not the president
School: is good. We need it, or else the country will be filled with bums. However, I think there should be more freedon in school and you should be able to choose wether you really want to go or not.
Abortion: If it is rape or you ARE being safe but you still get pregnant...then yes...but if you are just randomly fuckign and get pregnant, don't take a life cuz of it.
Violence: Same as war. Just mind your own business and chill...
Throwin' 'em up: Hardcore Gangsta.