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[Sep. 20th, 2004|04:32 pm]
The Kookie Klub


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Name: Josh
Age: 16
Location: Vancouver
How you heard about this community: Erin told me because she made it and wanted me to joi, because she is the best!
Describe your personality(not very long please): I don't know I am gay. Take it from there. Describe your style: I like to dress in black.
Family: I hate my family, but I consider Tabetha and Krista my family and I love them. sooo...

Top 3...
Movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Resident Evil, 10 Things I hate about you.
Bands: The Used, Mairlyn Manson, The Killers.
Songs: "Mr.Brightside" by The Killers, "Remember to Breath" by Dashboard Confessional, "Nobody Loves Me" by Portishead.
Colors: Black, Red, Blue
Childrens TV Show: "Braceface", "Teen Titans", and "Closed Case"

Name 3 people who you'd like to trade lives with for a day: Someone Famous, Tabetha, or Krista.
Why would you like to trade lives with them?: I don't know because I just would like to be something different.
Do you own one of those purses that have the initals on it?: No I do not
Are you a criminal?: not exactly.
Are you a gangsta?: In my own world yes.

What are your views on...

War: That we are only causing more distruction then revoultion.
Gay Marriage: It should soooo fucking be allowed, That topic pisses me off...what if ONLY gay people were allowed to get married, straights would want to have equal rights. (Agree With Erin)
Election: I think that they should let young people choose as well because we should have a say in what OUR country does, as well.
School: is good. We need it, or else the country will be filled with bums. However, I think there should be more freedom in school and you should be able to choose weither you really want to go or not. (Agree with Erin)
Abortion: I think that they should let women do it. It is their's, but I think they should only do it if it is before 2 months, but if it is after then NO!
Violence: I think it is pointless and stupid.
Throwin' 'em up: Hardcore Gangsta. (Agree with Erin) Love Always, Josh